Why an Album?

In October of 2014, we began dreaming about what could be possible if musicians in our church could write and record worship music for our church. From the beginning, this project has caused us to daily depend on God for all of our needs, and He has been so faithful! God provided the tools, God provided the inspiration, God provided the talent, and hcONE music was born.

We are so excited to share the product of our faith that God could do far more than we are able to do on our own. We can’t wait for you to hear the music, and we pray that it empowers and inspires each of you to invite and invest in JUST ONE!  The release date for this new album will be November 22.

What or Who Is hcONE?

What or who is hcONE? We’re so glad you asked! As a church, our mission is “Changing our communities and the world by reaching JUST ONE for Jesus.” “hc” stands for Highlands – our church, and our goal is that our music would inspire and enable our church to reach more “JUST ONE’s” in our communities. Our music is an expression and voicing of our mission, reinforcing the values we stand for as a church, helping us to internalize them so that we can in turn live them out with greater passion.